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Concept Note - 4 - Waste Water

Water , Waste Water and sustainable Water management strategy.

We at ESRF stand at par with the global environment movement in our approach and commitment.

Water and waste management is one of the thrust areas of global concerns. A strong water strategy is part of every city development plan (CDP) with accountability, and time bound sustainable action plan.

We wish to take a few initiatives in these areas with the technology support for total gas harnessing, and water recycling in not only upcoming water management plans, but also in the existing old water/sewerage treatment plants.

The requisite modifications, their costs, and cost benefit analysis and total advantages can be assimilated for any civic body facing these issues.

An idea to study and implement

A 24/7 drinking water supply is more cost effective then periodical water distribution for house holds in any community.

We can conduct study to substantiate and help execution.




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