Rag pickers form an important strata of society working for a living by rag picking from the waste, people generate. But this turns out a cause, the society aspire, the cause of waste management and consequently the environmental management.

Revenues are pitiable for the hard work put in here and traders in this supply chain network make the most. The other end of small time recyclers makes, what ever they can. Though there has been emphasis on rag-pickers rehabilitation in municipal solid waste management rule 2000, little has been done. The PPP arrangements or JNNURM projects do little for us and talk more. The door to door waste collection is in fashion for the NGOs for grants they receive, and glamorized by a few socialites for a past time.

But still in the days of global warming and global meltdown, the contribution so made by us is of great significance and to represent ourselves at proper forum - it is the organisation we build up and now work together for safeguarding our interest.

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