“Lets give back to the nature in the
naturally harmless form.”

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Concept Note - 1 - Zero Waste-Total Recycling


Humanity has to evolve to Zero Waste Management system for sustainability.

How long and where all can we keep dumping our waste?

When it is very much possible to process every waste in a way so to render it harmless to the nature, why are we not doing it.?

And whenever it is difficult, the technology development for it, is not only possible, but is within our means to do so, then why don’t we do it.

We at ESRF work in this direction:

total recycling of waste i.e. of every useful product at the end of its usable life, and useless by products of its production process, may it be in gaseous, liquid or solid form or their combinations, But Lets give back to the nature in the naturally harmless forms.




Total Recycling- Convert all the Waste dump sites to waste processing and recycling facilities.




1.   The old Waste dump sites are plain dumps releasing landfill gases in air and leachate in groundwater tables dangerously and continuously.


2.   These waste dumps are now almost in middle of the towns (not in outskirts of the city as they were once planned) sitting on precious land hindering life and development.


3.   The recommended established solutions lies in converting it into a park releasing gases  for all time to come with or without a capping with HDPE lining with bio-methanation piping and flaring?  These solutions are as hazardous as the existing landfill itself without any chance of reclaiming of the land.


4.   The newly devised bio-remediation process addresses these issues scientifically. It process the waste in requisite valuables, without environmental harm, treat the land and its water table for total reclamation.


5.   The process involves waste mining in a way that it does not releases gases, changes into compost, separates waste having some calorific value, and the inert besides regular items like glass, metal, wood, plastics, textiles etc. which are all recycled in the industry or in nature.


6.   The case studies for reference can be Nasik, Madurai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and many other places in the world.


7.   The project earmarked will need detailed study,  a design system, equipment planning, financials, cost benefit analysis, and timeline schedule.


8.   We have conducted these studies and have analyzed the data, have done the system designing and planed total execution at a few places.


9. The land owning agencies are willing to pay for the land reclamation as the cost of land is much more than presumed cost of waste processing. But the hindrance is a policy precedence.


10. The rehabilitation of water table, and other earth system may take quite some time at these sites for a really safe habitation or commercial utilization, there fore it is best to develop these sites at waste processing and recycling units. Any new site for the purpose receives stiff resistance from community, so it is a compulsion to utilize these sites before give them away for something else.



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