"come, lets do the good work together - Lets give back to the nature in the naturally harmless form.TM

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Services offered


The Foundations Work is divided under four distinct groups.

1. Research Center
i) Intellectual property development and management on the contemporary environmental issues.
ii) IT based systems designs and development for operations and monitoring of environmental Parameters.
ii) Environmentally sound Product development and harmless disposal of products at end of usable life.

2. Business development Unit
i) Global Opportunities evaluations and feasibility studies of projects.
ii) Design and execution of environmental projects with the industry.
ii) Global collaboration on such Projects Management.

3. Knowledge center In-house dedicated systems
i) Investigations & Data processing services for associates.
ii) History of Systems & further conceptualization in this sector.
ii) Awareness and Education Systems development and campaigns including websites, PR and media.

4. Admin, Finance and Accounts Management services
i) Routine financial planning and management in specialized areas like and carbon credits.
ii) Financial resource planning as equity, soft loans, venture capital and financial market.
iii) Aids and Donations and other resources identification and processing.

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