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Concept Note - 5 - Carbon Credit

Harvesting Carbon Credits and becoming carbon neutral - call of the time 

Climate change has become one of the major challenges for mankind and the natural environment. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere in ever rapidly growing volumes are recognized to be responsible for this change.

Carbon footprint quantification, analysis and reduction are key to preventing this, for example, by enhancing energy efficiency, mitigating carbon emissions by means of green energy and then compensating for remaining GHG emissions by investing in carbon offsets, waste processing, land fill management, landfill gas harnessing, waste dump reclamations,  waste water treatment, waste water recycling, STP gas harnessing,  etc.etc., with a final goal of becoming carbon neutral.

This is applicable to Urban Local Bodies, Municipalities, major institutions, SEZs, Industrial areas, and individual big industries.

Each Industry and City planners have a definite role to play, both in terms of combating this climate change as well as taking opportunity of worldwide movement for its support.

To share information with various agencies related to this, ESRF under the sponsorship of  a few international environmental bodies, wish to take an initiative to study on “Carbon foot prints and their mitigation methods” for any organization interested.





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