"come, lets do the good work together - Lets give back to the nature in the naturally harmless form.TM

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About us


Goodness bound in a bundle of compassion is a team, we are proud part of.

Petty prejudices, ego issues, insecurities, fear, money matters, does not stand in the
way of competent performances,
and missionary zeal of pious tasks in hand.

The leadership's enduring endeavor goes beyond the normal parameters for
creating harmony and faith,
for peace and eventual joy.

May we travel together for new horizons of collective growth!

Love, for and from, each one of us.

Environmental Sciences
Research Foundation

Introduction of the president
Mr. Rakesh Solanki is a Biomedical engineer, Bsc. L.Lb. and MBA from Bombay, india, and for three decades and half, he is been doing some of the pioneering environmental projects in the country and is presently based out of Sarsai, - at the centre of the universe.

His works includes establishing and operations of few biomedical waste, hazardous waste, and municipal solid waste management projects, technology development and launches, and comprehensive environmental audits, waste water, energy efficiency and carbon mitigation projects.

He is president of “environmental sciences research foundation” and also represents “National Solid waste association,” which is extensively organising the recycling and waste processing industry in almost all its segments in India.

One of his passions is to asses’ upcoming projects and gives them correct environmental directions, if dubious intentions are over riding and that is why he is here with you to day this time.
The Group:
Environmental Sciences Research Foundation,
Rag-pickers and recyclers Collective.
Healthcare Projects and Marketing Consultancy Organisation.
Conscience Linked Action Plan for Climate change.
Conscience Forum.

A few Recent/current assignments:

  1. Plastics waste management protocols for municipalities.
  2. Education modules for recycling programs and technologies.
  3. City sanitation plan development and execution.
  4. Conscience driven Private/internal Environmental Audits.
  5. Environmental technologies development and promotion.
  6. Environmental project management consultancy.
  7. Waste management Projects development and management.
  8. Environmental Project Development in towns of West Africa.
  9. Principal Adviser of leading Waste Management companies.
  10. Biomedical Waste management operations of 7 projects including Delhi Government, Faridabad,  few hospitals, and many other towns and institutions in India,


Current crush: IN FIFTH DIMENTION,

-Creative Contribution for the cause of Climate Change.
-Independent assessment of environmental Projects
- develop new environmental systems and technologies.

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